Regina Gulbinas has loved the business world so much that she has worked since she was 11 years old.  She immigrated from Ukraine in 1989 at the age of 11 and began her journey as an Entrepreneur.  Regina moved out of the parents’ home when at 17, had her first child at 19, and began building a life for herself and the baby.  Every job she took, Regina excelled quickly and gained the respect of the company leadership for her commitment and dedicated approach to whatever was put in front of her.  At 24 years old, she took a job as Accounts Payable Clerk in a sign manufacturing company that was servicing businesses nationwide.  During Regina’s tenure there, the company that hired her was going through a restructuring and Chapter 11, discovering what “Corporate Reorganization” was.  That single discovery of what that strategy entailed fueled her passions for starting her career as a Corporate Reorganization Strategist. 

Due to the severity of various situations these companies were facing, Regina’s direction for the CEOs and their companies had to be very strategic and precise every time; there was never any room for error.  The same thing could not be said for her personal life.  At 29, she filed for divorce and walked out literally leaving everything behind except full custody of her two daughters.  Regina would then struggle through an extremely difficult and financially devastating three-year divorce process that tore her and children’s lives apart to the tune of $2 Million Dollars by her ex-husband and father of the children.  This left Regina 100% financially responsible for her and two children as they began to rebuild their life after losing everything including a place to live, because of the debt.  She fought her way back one day at a time and has entirely restored her life while helping others restore theirs.

Regina has worked with over 100 companies, each generating anywhere from 2-20 Million in gross annual revenue.  Her objective was to teach the CEO and Management how to properly navigate every aspect of all areas within the company.  Regina’s function was to reorganize the CEO themselves, basically, taking the driver’s seat teaching the CEO how to run and grow their company correctly, improving their cashflow.  Her key focus has now gone from helping reorganize companies to helping CEOs and Entrepreneurs avoid those mistakes and decisions which brings them to financial chaos and catastrophic failure.  Regina’s true passion lies in helping companies grow correctly to ensure long term success and profitability, and to inspire and guide them to achieve their absolute highest potential.