"Regina is a gem both in business and as a friend, human being, mentor, coach etc. I completely scored by being able to connect with her and work with her!! After MANY fake business coaches, getting burned financially and emotionally and in the end getting in a bigger hole than when I started; we found each other through a Facebook group. Initially I was hesitant due to my past experiences. But after our first conversation and her approach I was… (read more)


"I had the pleasure of working with Regina for about a year and a half during the most difficult time of my business career.  She maintains calm in very stormy times.  Regina has a knack for clearly seeing the next step you need to take when you are surrounded by chaos.  I greatly appreciate her and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help getting their business back on track." BACK TO ALL TESTIMONIALS (read more)


"After being in the structural steel industry for 20+ years I know my trade very well. But when it came to the business end of it I could never quite get it together. As the business grew so did the complications of balance sheet, profit and loss, marketing and just simply keeping track of everything. I worked with Regina for almost 2 years. During that time she worked with me on all aspects of the business and helped me to understand  and… (read more)


"I’ve had the privilege of working with Regina on several occasions. In reference to her knowledge base, it’s 2nd to none! Regina knows her craft, and is able to transfer her knowledge to you so you’re better able to make informed decisions in your life and business. She shows up with her “A-Game,” is fully present with you when you need her, and I am thoroughly pleased with her services. Regina brings an aspect of integrity and discretion that many… (read more)


"Regina is a gem! After 90 minutes I figured out my exact coaching package, how to attract my ideal clients by showing them what they are losing by NOT hiring me. She has those values that I value, generosity and compassion for her clients. She goes above and beyond and delivers life-changing, extraordinary, and unexpected insights. Regina isn't like the other coaches who have NO experience, she is a seasoned professional who literally goes above and beyond. I feel like I got… (read more)


"Regina is a fantastic strategist. In my complimentary call with her we were able to get 75% of the work accomplished which I needed to get done, along with setting up an action plan for implementation. She brought clarity to my work as I was feeling stuck on which direction to move forward in, I now have a solid foundation to build from. Her work has tremendous value & I will not hesitate to work with her again in the future! Thank… (read more)


"There are two mindsets...the entrepreneur (visionary) and the small business owner (daily processes/controls). Very few people possess both. I fall on the entrepreneur side of the tracks. Having a vision only gets you so far and if you can't figure out the processes and how best to handle situations you can dig yourself a deep hole and fast. Things can become insanely stressful dealing with creditors, cash flow...you name it, anything that comes with running a business. Sometimes you need… (read more)

Rick O.

"I was feeling determined about my next steps in my business, but just believed it would all come out of thin air because I had been working SO HARD on it. Regina appreciated my enthusiasm, but really helped me see things from a different perspective. She broke down all that could help me succeed and brought to my awareness that I was working in circles.  To be transparent, after our conversation, I felt like my venture that I had SO… (read more)


"I've always been very aggressive when it comes to advertising and getting my clients results. Although, one thing that I struggled with was sensitivity when dealing with C.E.OS and Regina really helped me in this area. With her advice, I've been able to add an extra $40k per year to my business within the last 2 weeks alone and now firing on all cylinders. if your'e looking to do any business with Regina, trust me, she has YOUR best interest… (read more)


"Regina is a delight when it comes to getting your problems solved! I mean the way she looks at your challenge, reacts and reflects back onto what seems like the right approach to fix, this ability is uncanny. I have had a brief but valuable discussion with her, where she helped me with a proposal, pinpointing the missing soul. It is only the beginning and I am impressed. I will write again, to share a feedback how it practically helped… (read more)


"You should tune in here, Regina Gulbinas is the real deal and any help she offers is invaluable. " BACK TO ALL TESTIMONIALS (read more)


"I had a fabulous consultation with Regina. From the start she had great ideas for taking my business to the next level. She knows my target market well and I am confident her guidance will bring me much success in the future! A pleasure!" BACK TO ALL TESTIMONIALS (read more)


“Regina is an amazing expert! She was very helpful in assisting our company with planning a product launch and a brilliant strategy for the next few months. You definitely want to address Regina to make the best decisions for the next stage of your business.  Regina is the go-to person for a Business Owner or a CEO who wants to exceed the current goals, to get the most out of the resources available and make the best decisions about big-budget… (read more)