Rick O.

"There are two mindsets...the entrepreneur (visionary) and the small business owner (daily processes/controls). Very few people possess both. I fall on the entrepreneur side of the tracks. Having a vision only gets you so far and if you can't figure out the processes and how best to handle situations you can dig yourself a deep hole and fast. Things can become insanely stressful dealing with creditors, cash flow...you name it, anything that comes with running a business. Sometimes you need to take a step back and let someone with experience help guide you. This is where Regina comes in.

Regina helps to figure out which side you fall on, where you can
improve, and how you can lead a more successful and profitable life and
business. From navigating operations, to helping you mange your creditors and
determining an effective marketing strategy and overall helping you grow a
healthy business, Regina can help in every aspect. 

In 20 years of being an entrepreneur I've never met anyone with as
much drive, honesty and work ethic as her.  Regina has been a