"I was feeling
determined about my next steps in my business, but just believed it would all
come out of thin air because I had been working SO HARD on it. Regina
appreciated my enthusiasm, but really helped me see things from a different
perspective. She broke down all that could help me succeed and brought to my
awareness that I was working in circles. 

To be transparent, after our conversation, I felt like my venture that I had SO
MUCH passion and faith in just might be impossible. But, Regina’s assistance in
minor tweaks to my approach and plans, her attention and care to where I was
and where I aspire to be, and asking questions that I hadn’t considered made a
BIG difference. I pinpointed the energy of the blocks, got to the other side,
ready to release them, and found a new way to go about moving forward in my
purpose. And, now it all feels not only doable, but I feel it becoming a huge

Regina’s ability to talk me through my spiral and see new
possibilities without putting myself in unnecessary financial hardship allowed
me to regain my vigor for the project and be stronger in my vision, faith, and
how to approach it in moving forward"