"Regina is a gem both in business and as a friend, human being, mentor, coach etc.

I completely scored by being able to connect with her and work with her!!

After MANY fake business coaches, getting burned financially and emotionally and in the end getting in a bigger hole than when I started; we found each other through a Facebook group.

Initially I was hesitant due to my past experiences. But after our first conversation and her approach I was like “I gotta give her a try”

With Regina, after years of struggling, she was able to identify the bottlenecks that what was keeping my business from growing. After trying to re-create the wheel and banging my head literally against the wall, working together she was able to show me what the bottlenecks of my business were and provided guidance, clarity and direction.

She met me where I was instead of having her own agenda!

She helped me organize my accounting department, pushed me out of my comfort zone, helped with mindset and strategy which are both very important.

She’s always encouraging, motivating and hands on.

We have worked together for three month and while there is still more to “clean up” and delegate to become a better CEO she gave me the focus I needed.

Forever grateful."