"After being in the structural steel industry for 20+ years I know my trade very well. But when it came to the business end of it I could never quite get it together. As the business grew so did the complications of balance sheet, profit and loss, marketing and just simply keeping track of everything.

I worked with Regina for almost 2 years. During that time she worked with me on all aspects of the business and helped me to understand  and manage what use to be complicated. 

Regina was extremely dedicated to her goals of making a difference and improving not only the companies profitability and efficiency, but working with me personally so I can be a better business owner, negotiator and overall a better person.

Having a business can be stressful to say the least. Having someone to help with not just the paperwork but the emotional roller coaster of running a business was hard to find. Regina is that person and the value she brought to the company and myself for the long term is indeed impressive."