Showing up Big!

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In today’s noisy, distracted and desensitized world, irresponsible and morally bankrupt information is prevalent. As an alternative, we offer the Showing Up BIG! Podcast, where our  β€œfree-range guests” serve up their REAL stories, REAL problems, and UNREAL results, in their Zone of Genius! 

Episode 18: Regina Gulbinas – Teaching CEO’s How To Be CEO’s!

Episode Notes:

In Episode 18, we bring you Regina Gulbinas, a Life & Business Strategist, who with 17 years experience, has helped hundreds of companies dramatically increase revenue. Her specialty is teaching CEO’s how to be CEO’s! How’s that for a title and job description? Regina is also a Coach, Speaker and specialist in transforming ordinary entrepreneurs into extraordinary leaders! In this episode, you will hear all about Regina’s immigration to the United States at how from a very young age, she always knew she would be running companies and helping them be successful. 

Jump on over and listen to Regina’s wonderful story of triumph and defying the odds. 

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